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5 Things that turn off potential buyers!

While each perspective buyer that inspects your property is unique and will respond to your property in their own way, it is important every vendor understands there are a number of things that can permanently turn a purchaser completely off tour property.

Your home may tick all of the boxes in terms of location, price and size but there is still a very definite set of rules potential purchases operate within. Generally speaking, buyers will never tolerate dirt, odours, or clutter – it makes it difficult to imagine themselves in the space.

To help you avoid making any costly mistakes when selling your home, we have sourced 5 things that turn off potential buyers!

  1. A dirty home
    As previously mentioned, a dirty home is a leading cause of deterring potential buyers and any sign of excess dirt, dust or grime can instantly turn a buyer off. It is important for vendors to make an effort to ensure their home is presented in a respectable and clean manner.

    Make an effort to thoroughly clean the entire property, hire a professional cleaner or home stager (both if required). There is no such thing as a property being too clean or too well presented for sale!
  2. Bad or stale odours
    We as humans are very sensitive to smell, in fact specific smells can even trigger emotional responses and memories. When it comes time to sell your property it is important to clear out any stale odours and ensure prospective buyers are welcomed by a set of inviting smells such as fresh air or even fresh flowers.

    The main focus should be eliminating any bad odours such as pet smell, cigarette smoke, mustiness, food and overpowering perfumes or incense (if you’re dressing your home for sale, less is more).
  3. Clutter
    Buyers are generally looking for a space they can make their own so the less they see of your clutter, the better! Filling your home with knickknacks not only makes your space look smaller but it also makes it harder for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there.

    If your property is for sale it is important to take the time to declutter - the good news is, this can be done strategically and systematically. Focus on the areas that will interest most buyers when they inspect your home such as the kitchen, living room, bathroom and main bedroom. It is going to be harder to explain away a clutter living room over a cluttered garage!
  4. No Price
    Your online marketing is generally the first impression your property makes on potential buyers, so it is important to provide as many relevant details as possible. One of the biggest deterrents for potential buyers is a listing with no price. Budget is important for a buyer and if the price is not there, many buyers will immediately rule out your property, and scroll to the next one that meets their criteria.

  5. No Photo’s or poor-quality photo’s
    Photos are the single most important marketing tool when it comes to selling your home. People may eat with their eyes first, however they also fall in love with the way a home looks first! Buyers need to be able to imagine themselves living in your property and poor quality or completely absent photo’s do not allow this. Work with your agent to create a series of marketing photos that tell a story and show your home in the best possible light.

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