Happy Easter from the Team at Addisons! - Addisons Advisory Group

Happy Easter from the Team at Addisons!


While Easter is going to feel a lot different for a lot of us this year, there is still the opportunity to use the long weekend for some much-needed relaxation and to recharge. With that in mind, the team here have shared some of their best physical distancing long weekend tips.


Schedule an Online Catch Up

While we’re all becoming more familiar with online tools like Zoom for our work meetings, you can also use them to catch up with friends and family. With a free Zoom account, you can have meetings of up to 40 minutes. Netflix has also launched a free Netflix party tool which allows you to watch Netflix while chatting with friends. It’s not quite a visit to the movies, but with new seasons of Ozark, Money Heist and the weird mullet greatness of the Tiger King the long weekend is a great time to catch up.


Get Outside (Close to Home)

Whether it is watching the sunrise or sunset on your balcony, lying out in the backyard, having a picnic at home or going for a walk – the long weekend is a great time to get out in the beautiful Autumn weather. With a forecast of 27 degrees on Saturday, it will feel like Summer all over again.


Cook Some Easter Treats

While the supermarkets will probably be mayhem (let’s be honest, they’ve been crazy for a while), the weekend gives you the opportunity to cook some Easter treats. The Australian Women’s Weekly has some excellent suggestions on their website - https://www.womensweeklyfood.com.au/easter-recipes

We’re drooling over the Easter carrot cake and the Cheats Hot Cross Bun dessert.


Do an Exercise Class from Home

With a lot of eating over the weekend (and some veging out on the couch) it is a good opportunity to explore some of the free online fitness classes. The Keep It Cleaner girls have a class scheduled first thing on Friday morning and in the evening on Monday which might make you feel better about all the Easter eggs and baked treats you enjoyed over the weekend - https://www.facebook.com/events/268120610854409/?event_time_id=268120624187741


Be Kind to Yourself

After a fairly crazy start to 2020, you may wish to relax and recuperate on the couch in your pyjamas – and that’s ok too. The joy of a long weekend is that you have the time to do what works for you. Be kind to yourself and from all of us here at Addisons, have a safe and relaxing long weekend.