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    We endeavour to maximise your returns through our extensive property knowledge and straightforward finance solutions, tailored to your individual needs and aspirations.

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Home Loans

Home Loans

After evaluating your personal financial situation we match the finance and property to your needs and situation. Surround yourself with a team of professionals who can provide ongoing support, guidance & professional expert advice.
Property Investment

Property Investment

With the power of leveraging you can greatly maximise your returns with a sound property investment and finance solution. Our team of industry experts are driven to help clients reach their goals, overcoming any obstacles throughout the process.
Wealth Strategy

Wealth Strategy

Do you dream of having enough money to retire early and be on holiday permanently? With a few smart decisions and a lot of determination, you could achieve your goal through investing in property.
Get Pre-Approved

Get Pre-Approved

Secure the best deal for you from a large range of available home loan solutions. Whatever your needs are - we are here to help.

Benefits of partnering with Addisons

We focus strongly on your requirements and pride ourselves on meeting your objectives. We provide a tailored solution that suits your short, medium and long term goals. After evaluating your personal financial situation we match the finance to your personal needs. Whilst we organise home loans on a daily basis, we are also able to accommodate more complex transactions.

  • Complimentary Consultation

    Complimentary initial 90 minute consultation with a Financial Planner to review matters such as superannuation performance, estate planning and insurance options.
  • Complimentary Upfront Valuations

    Complimentary upfront valuations with the major banks for residential properties up to $2m - there is absolutely no cost to you and a copy of the valuation can be provided.
  • Support

    Extensive property related services and support including buyer's agents, expert negotiation and auction bidding services.
  • Preferential Treatment

    Preferential treatment from the major banks from our Premium Mortgage Broker status - our clients receive superior service and generally have establishment and application fees waived.
  • No Charge

    Our lending services incur no charge to our clients.
  • Complimentary Research and Property Analysis Reports

    Complimentary research and property analysis reports from Residex Marketfacts and APM
  • Extensive Property Related Services

    Extensive property related services and support including buyer's agents, expert negotiation and auction bidding services.
  • Fast-track Assessment

    Fast-track assessment of your lending scenario; generally within 24-48 hours
  • Appropriate and Cost Effective Loans Structures

    Our finance strategists provide the most appropriate and cost effective loans structures for your circumstances.


We're Australian owned and operated with a global reach.

From domestic clients from all over Australia to clients based overseas – we are able to use our professional knowledge to assist our clients.

Release equity from your home

Addisons can show you how unlocking the equity in your home can be an effective way to assist in purchasing a rental property to help build your wealth
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Building your property portfolio

At Addisons we won't just show you how to buy property, we will educate you how to build a property portfolio that will generate both capital growth and future income.

Addisons empowers property investors to achieve their financial goals by providing a range of tailored professional services.

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With the correct guidance and education, anyone can learn and apply themselves to wealth creation in residential property, building their portfolio and securing their financial future.

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Preferred Lending Partners

Please note we have access to other funders if required.

* Please note: Addisons Advisory Group are not financial advisers or accountants, and therefore cannot advise you on the appropriateness of property investment to your overall financial objectives or goals. However If you (or your third party adviser, e.g. accountant financial planner bank etc.) deem property to be appropriate to your financial situation and objectives, then we will ensure that the property options are carefully researched and analysed. Please note that much of our business emanates from direct referrals by our existing clients and professional partners.

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